President’s Welcome

Welcome to the California Academy of PAs Website

As president of CAPA I want to share with you my perceptions of this well-organized and dynamic organization, the California Academy of PAs. This association currently has 40 plus years of history working for PAs in the state and stands on the shoulders of a collection of interdependent collaborations and actions of current and past Presidents, Boards of Directors, Committee Chairs and members, Executive Directors, and the consistent support of general membership.

As you visit and familiarize yourself to the website you will see the mission of CAPA and recognize that representing and serving PAs statewide, as an advocate of its members for quality health care and for their valued, unique alliance other members of the health care team.

CAPA has demonstrated its commitment to enhance, educate and empower physician assistants for the ultimate benefit of our patients in every aspect of California’s health care system. One of the unique provisions provided by CAPA has been to effectively sponsor and promote regulatory and legislative changes which have enhanced the ability of the PA to provide safe, cost-effective medical care in the state’s medical services. CAPA often serves as the hub of the wheel which connects the PA specialty and/or local practice professional groups, particularly when confronted with state or national regulatory and scope of practice issues.

As I embark on fulfilling the role of President of CAPA, know that I will be guided by past presidents that currently serve on the Board, the amazing staff and Executive Director, and the committee chairs and members who shape and deliver the services of CAPA to you, the members of CAPA. We have taken many bold and brave steps in keeping CAPA abreast of the current times for PAs and healthcare delivery in the state over the years. We plan to continue with this important and essential work to keep PAs in the forefront of medical care delivered in the state and in the country.

If you are not already a CAPA member, I hope you will join us in this endeavor and do the work you do best by representing the PA profession as an excellent healthcare provider and advocate for the profession. Remain a leader and a champion of our profession as we embark on this time of transition and evolution for the PA profession.

Sincerely yours,
Ana Maldonado DHSc, MPH, PA-C