CAPA Conference Optional Workshops

CAPA Conference Workshop Descriptions

Joint Injection Workshop

This workshop is meant for the PA who wishes to gain new experience with joint injections or for the PA who needs to refresh joint injection techniques. Experienced orthopedic PA, Eric Glassman, will provide an overview of types of injection materials, including the efficacy of each type for various orthopedic conditions. Pearls and pitfalls of joint injections will be reviewed and hands-on practice with anatomical models will allow the participant to progress through various types of common injections used in primary care, rheumatology and orthopedics.

Orthopedic Exam Workshop: Knee and Shoulder

Distinguished orthopedic specialist and popular CAPA speaker, Dr. Gregory Yoshida, will be presenting a knee and shoulder workshop, providing a comprehensive review of each joint and the various conditions that may be uncovered through a focused examination. The anatomy of each will be reviewed and specific examination techniques demonstrated to help narrow a differential diagnosis for patients who present with knee or shoulder complaints. This workshop will help the PA in any practice, including primary care, emergency medicine, orthopedics and rheumatology.

Orthopedic Exam Workshop: Cervical and Lumbar Spine

Distinguished orthopedic specialist and popular CAPA speaker, Dr. Gregory Yoshida, will again be presenting his spine workshop for PAs who desire a more in-depth review of the spine and how to examine it. Dr. Yoshida will review the basic anatomy of the upper and lower back and demonstrate specific exam techniques that will narrow a differential diagnosis for even the most difficult to diagnose patients. This workshop will be invaluable for any PA who works with patients with neck and back complaints.

Comprehensive Slit Lamp Exam Workshop

This popular slit lamp workshop is back again and is better than ever. PAs will receive instruction on best practices for using a slit lamp to diagnose difficult eye pathology by renowned speaker, Judy Tong, OD. PAs will also learn how to measure intraocular pressures with the Tonopen and Accupen, how to properly remove ocular foreign bodies, appropriate use of vital dye stain, assessing pH in chemical toxicity and lid eversion. This workshop is a must for PAs working in emergency medicine or primary care, but will also be invaluable for any PA who evaluates patients presenting with eye complaints.

Pain Management: Interactive Role Playing With Challenging Cases

If you have taken CAPA’s Controlled Substances Education Course (CSEC) you know the unique expertise and teaching style of PA Jeremy Adler. We are pleased to present a one-of-a-kind workshop addressing many issues that surround prescribing (or NOT prescribing) opioids. Although opioids are one of the many available options to aid those with chronic intractable pain, the prescribing of opioids is frequently described as challenging at best. Many providers outright detest prescribing these medications, even when appropriate. Providers are often frustrated with limited real clinical guidance despite an overwhelming number of guidelines available. Patients may further even anger providers when they display aberrant behaviors. That Friday afternoon call about lost medication; a CURES report suggesting the patient is “doctor shopping;” a urine drug test positive for illicits; a patient demanding a specific opioid which if not prescribed will “force them to buy drugs on the street.” These scenarios, and others, often have no single “right” course of action. This workshop will use interactive role playing to practice patient interaction, share clinical pearls and tap into the collective expertise to enhance the confidence of those attending in patient management around aberrant behaviors as well has have fun with colleagues during the process. This workshop will sell out fast so register today.