Safety and Guidelines in Prescribing Opioids FAQs

Any PA who prescribes pain medication routinely, or manages patients with chronic pain can utilize this activity to help improve opioid prescribing habits, which may contribute to better patient outcomes in your practice.

There is no preferred practice setting for this PI-CME activity. Whether you practice in a hospital, group or solo practice, or a rural or inner-city environment, this PI-CME activity can be implemented.

The pre- and post- assessment tools can take place any time during the day and you can incorporate them into your practice as you see fit.The total duration of the activity may take a few months as you can take your time through each of the stages. A recommended time frame could be 2-4 months from start to completion, based on how busy your practice is. This activity should not be too burdensome on your schedule and should not slow down your daily practice.

Fortunately, patients may be selected from your current practice. These would include patients you already follow in your practice if you are prescribing pain medication to them.

This is a very straightforward activity. The directions are included in the packet and are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions. The first step is to purchase the PI-CME activity through CAPA and you will be given the packet to get started.

Take as much time as you need to finish the activity keeping in mind that you do not get the credit until you turn in the required information. Currently, this program is approved through the AAPA and is valid until July 15, 2020.

Once you pay for the activity you will be provided the packet within 24 business hours. Take the time you need to finish all three stages of the activity. When you are done, return the required pages back to CAPA and you will be sent the certificate if all sections are completed. Please be sure to allow 3 weeks for CAPA’s review of your completed project.

Yes, you do not have to have better outcomes from the pre assessment to gain credit for this PI-CME. The goal is to evaluate the overall process as well as documentation when prescribing opiods to increase safety for your practice as well as for patients.

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