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As the PA profession continues to evolve, CAPA and its members are on the forefront of that evolution. It’s important that every PA be a part of this growing PA movement to educate, inform and communicate the role and the positive impact PAs have the overall healthcare ecosystem.

“There’s never been a better time to be a PA, and never been a better time to become a CAPA member. PAs have long been misunderstood, and CAPA is taking steps to inform the public, the healthcare industry and its members that PAs are critical to patient care. We’re medical professionals with advanced training who are invaluable resources to the medical teams we work with. We empower healthcare!”

– Roy Guizado, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, CAPA President Elect

PA pride can be found in every office, hospital, emergency room and surgical center where PAs strive for excellence.

“CAPA is taking us in a bold new direction. I think I speak for every PA when I say that it’s time that we are recognized for the value and professionalism we deliver to patients as a critical part of the healthcare team. We know our value, and CAPA does too, and it’s time to let everyone know.”

– Ray Contino, MPA, PA-C, Kaiser Permanente

CAPA believes tapping into the enthusiasm of California PAs is a critical part of inspiring a culture shift among members. The organization is counting on its members to band together and present California PAs as a united front to patients, peers and the healthcare industry as a whole. And there’s an expectation that non-members will join up too and not put the entire burden of PA success on CAPA members alone.

“CAPA’s efforts are directed at PA students, PA schools, insurers, hospitals, other health professional associations and the general public. It’s time to be bold, honest, focused and inspirational about PAs and CAPA. Working together we make a difference in our profession, with patients and the healthcare team.”

– Gaye Breyman, CAE, CAPA Executive Director

PAs work as part of a healthcare team to add value, efficiency and quality to patient care. We empower the team around us, helping shape the quality of patient care in the process.

“I always encourage my students to join CAPA. The organization needs the student perspective and it’s the best way to help ignite change in our profession. It’s invigorating to see the next generation of PAs so energized. They’re going to do big things.”

– Sandra Fineman, PA-C, Marshall B. Ketchum University.

CAPA’s success on behalf of California PAs depends on the support of its members. Joining CAPA and remaining a CAPA member throughout your career is key to a more powerful PA profession here in California.

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CAPA Memberships are annual and run from
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CAPA’s dues year runs from May 1 to April 30. Membership dues may be prorated dependent on the time of year you join.