PA Salaries Rise as State Hurdles Fall

States are easing barriers that in the past led to redundant tasks or slowed the ability of patients to get the care they needed in a timely fashion. And when states lift such barriers, AAPA figures show PAs making $2,000 to $4,000 more annually.

CAPA is Bringing OTP to California

If you are a registered user with Clinician 1 you may listen to their latest Webinar addressing Optimal Team Practice (OTP). An excellent look at what OTP means and why it makes sense. The webinar features AAPA President-Elect, PA Jonathan Sobel and PA Dave Mittman, ...

Now Open To PAs!

The Advanced Provider Response Unit is an innovative response model that will deploy an ambulance utilizing a PA or NP who has primary and emergency care experience, together with an EMS Captain.  Changing the name from NP1 to AP15 allows the LAFD to staff the ...
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Optimal Team Practice

California will be one of the first states to sponsor legislation to bring forth changes in the PA Practice Act to address aspects of Optimal Team Practice (OTP). OTP emphasizes the profession’s commitment to team-based care; reaffirms that the degree of collaboration between PAs and ...
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PAs May Obtain a Waiver to Prescribe Suboxone

The supervising physician must be waivered as well. Suboxone is a Schedule III controlled substance so the prescriber must have registration for this class of drugs with the DEA and meet the state requirement for this drug in the PA’s Delegation of Services Agreement. The ...
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NCCPA Lobbying Derails PA Legislation

Take Action Now. As the voice for California PAs, CAPA will do all we can to prevent NCCPA from hurting PA practice and restricting patient access to care. We need all California PAs to be CAPA members and we urge you to contact NCCPA leaders ...

PAB CME Audits Are Now In Effect

The Physician Assistant Board (PAB) is auditing a random sample of PAs they license. The documentation requested as part of the audit is mandatory. Please note that failing to provide the requested information to the board is unprofessional conduct for which you may be cited.