CA Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 16, Chapter 13.8

This Article contains regulations that further define the application of the laws

Limitation on Medical Services: (CCR, § 1399.540 & 1399.542)


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Delegation of Services Agreement (DSA).
Medical and Surgical Services Performable: (CCR, § 1399.541)


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Listing of performable medical services and supervision in surgery.
Additional Training to Perform Medical Services (CCR, § 1399.543)


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Authority for drug orders, protocols, formulary and education.
Supervision and Reporting Supervision (CCR, § 1399.545, 1399.546)
(B & P Code,
§ 3502)


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Optional mechanisms to document supervision in the California Regulations and the
PA Practice Act.
Notification to Consumers
(CCR, § 1399.547)



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Options to provide written or posted notification.