PA Practice Act, California Business and Professions
(B & P) Code

Article 1 - General Provisions

This Article contains the laws in the PA Practice Act defining day-to-day practice in California. B&P Code § 3500 - 3503.5

Introduction and Terminology
(B & P Code, § 3500, 3500.5 and 3501)


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Describes the purpose and terminology used in the Act.
Medical Services Performable, Protocols and Supervision (B & P Code, § 3502)


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Includes records review and documentation
of supervision.
The Drug Order, Controlled Substances and DEA registration
(B & P Code, § 3502.1)

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Authority for drug orders, protocols, formulary and education.
Medical Services Performable and Rendering Care in an Emergency
(B & P Code, § 3502.2, 3502.3, 3502.4, 3502.5, 3503, 3503.5)

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Delegation of Services Agreement may include these services.
All of the PA Practice Act; All of the
B & P Code, Division 2, Chapter 7.7.,

Articles 1-8


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Entire PA Practice Act.