Selected Additional Laws Pertaining to PAs

PAs Supervising MAs
(California B & P Code, § 2069, 2070
and 2071)


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PAs may supervise MAs in all settings.
Workers’ Comp and Disability
(California Labor Code, § 3209.10)


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PAs provide treatment of work related injury.
PAs and Fluoroscopy Permit
(Health and Safety Code, Sections 107110, 114850, 114872, 114980)

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Fluoroscopy education for PA permits.
PA Consultation in the ED
(Health & Safety Code, Section 1317.1)



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PAs provide emergency
department consultations.
Certain Examinations and/or Certifications in Schools
(Education Code § 44336, 49406, 49423, 49455, 49458, 87408, 87408.5, 87408.6)


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Examinations and certifications in the
school setting.
Telecommunications Devices
(Public Utilities Code, Section 2881)



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PAs certify need for devices.