California PAs Meet With Legislators

Every California legislator needs to know about the important contributions PAs make to California’s healthcare system. Several California PAs recently visited with their state representatives. These meetings are important and make a difference.








PAs attend a fundraising luncheon for State Senator Toni Atkins









PAs attend a fundraising event for Assembly Member Richard Bloom
(L to R) Christy Kidd Roberts, PA-C; Richard Bloom; Elizbeth Finebaum, PA-C

Those PAs who have participated at the grassroots level are reporting that they found the legislative experience fun and enlightening. We hope that you will sign up today to be part of CAPA’s OTP Grassroots Network. Please provide us with your contact information below and we will add you to the list of PAs who want to do their part to promote and protect PA practice in California.

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