Update Regarding CAPA’s Sponsored Bill – SB 697 (Caballero)

SB 697 (Caballero) has made its way through the California Senate (Ayes 37. Noes 0) and is now headed to the California Assembly. This is landmark legislation for California PAs.

SB 697 will ensure that PAs have regulation and opportunity parity with NPs – among other things. Of course, PAs value their NP colleagues and work well in teams that include NPs.

PAs are professionals. You have earned your own scope. You are a highly educated, responsible medical provider. You know what you are professionally prepared to do, but also know when to seek help and know what you shouldn’t do. You know when to consult with a physician(s) and/or other professionals on the healthcare team. Each individual practice should determine the level of PA supervision. If SB 697 passes, each practice will determine how PAs function within their four walls, like it is done with NPs. The physicians who work with PAs in those four walls will determine how supervision occurs within their practice, like they do when they work with NPs.

If SB 697 is signed by the Governor, PA practice will be streamlined by removing a number of administrative barriers, including ending a Delegation of Services Agreement with a specific physician. Like NPs, instead, there will be an agreement in place with the practice. This agreement may be as broad or narrow as the practice deems appropriate based on the education, experience and competency of the PA(s). This is a much more effective and careful way to ensure that PAs and physicians are providing the best care for their patients. Additional requirements will also end, such as the requirement that the name of a physician appear on your prescription – like NPs, and the elimination of the requirements for chart co-signature and medical record review – like NPs.

In summary, with SB 697, PAs will be better appreciated, recognized and positioned to do what PAs do best as the highly educated medical professionals you are.

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