OTP at Summer Conference

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Until the conference

Optimal Team Practice (OTP)

The Goal is Clear.
The Path is Set.
The Time is Now.

The CAPA Summer Conference is the largest gathering of PAs in California. OTP is CAPA’s largest undertaking to date. And, getting OTP accomplished will require the largest number of CAPA members possible. OTP can only happen with the enthusiasm, support and commitment of all California PAs.

These are exciting times for the profession, and the CAPA Conference will be filled with opportunities for you to learn about OTP. On both a national and state level, the goal has been made clear: OTP is our future. The path has been laid out, and steps are being taken to bring OTP to California. Immerse yourself in the excitement and discover why the time is now.

We often hear PAs asking why other healthcare providers seem to be further ahead with their practice acts. A major reason is that they are and have been extremely motivated and engaged in their profession as well as the legislative process. They have consistently strong membership numbers, are passionate about their profession and meet with legislators. OTP will require California PAs to get fired up and engage – starting NOW!

We hope you attend all of the OTP lectures highlighted below and sign up to be part of the OTP Grassroots Network. There are 120 California legislators (40 Senators and 80 Assembly members), and we need each and every one of them to meet with PAs like you over the next several months. In 2019, it will be time to visit with them again with PAs who can clearly articulate the goals of OTP and address any anticipated questions or concerns about it. Meeting with a legislator is not as intimidating as you may think; we will do all we can to ensure you are successful in showing legislators how amazing PAs really are. You will be given plenty of preparation time and are provided with discussion points about OTP. We set up the appointments, and you show up and talk about what PAs do and why OTP is important to you as a PA. Learn more about this at the Summer Conference and get ready to join the movement!


9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Optimal Team Practice (OTP): A Panel Discussion
Jeremy Adler, MS, PA-C
Bob Miller, PA
Kevin Jorgensen, PA, JD


11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
A National View of OTP
Jonathan Sobel, PA-C, MBA, DFAAPA, FAPACVS,
AAPA President

2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Direct PA Reimbursement – Is My Check in the Mail?
Michael Powe, AAPA Vice President of Reimbursement and Professional Advocacy

Visit the OTP Grassroots Table in the Grande Foyer and
Sign Up to Become Part of the OTP Grassroots Network.