Hand Hygiene in the Health Care Setting FAQ

This is a great PI-CME because any PA that is working in a health care setting can utilize this activity to help improve their work environment.

Yes!! Everyone should be practicing proper and frequent hand hygiene. The most common mode of transmission of pathogens is via the hands and with better hand hygiene we can decrease preventable illness and disease. The goal is to improve not only your own hand hygiene but others around you.

This activity should not be too burdensome on your schedule and will not slow down your daily practice. The pre- and post- assessment tools can take place any time during the day and you can incorporate them into your practice when you have time. The total duration of the activity may take several months as you can take your time through each of the stages.

This is a very easy and straightforward activity. The directions are included in the packet and are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions. The first step is to purchase the PI-CME activity through CAPA and you will be given the packet to get started.

The great thing about this PI-CME activity is that it can be implemented in any practice setting and it is really up to the PA on how he or she will best utilize the provided tools.

This is the fun part. Choose someone to observe that you would see on a regular basis and monitor his or her hand hygiene. To ensure valid, reliable and unbiased data they should not be aware you are tracking their hand hygiene.

Do the best you can given your circumstances. Not all facilities will let you make the changes necessary to achieve your goals. Sometimes just posting gentle reminders in the workplace, or having discussions about the importance of proper hand hygiene, is all you need to make an impact. The information provided in the resources section under stage B has many facts and tools that can be utilized in your clinical setting.

Once you pay for the activity you will be provided the packet within 24 hours, take the time you need to finish all three stages of the activity. When you are done, you will return the required two pages back to CAPA and you will be sent the certificate.

Take as much time as you need to finish the activity keeping in mind that you do not get the credit until you turn in the required information. Currently, this program is approved through the AAPA and is valid until February 8, 2020, so any time before then is acceptable.

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