You are a PA.
This is your profession.
You set the path for your professional future.

CAPA is embarking on a bold initiative Optimal Team Practice (OTP) to modernize California’s PA Practice Act. The PA profession has a proven record of enhancing quality care and PA law must appropriately reflect real PA practice. PAs tell us daily that they are frustrated with the restrictive barriers and employment limitations generated by an outdated PA Practice Act. CAPA is working to ensure that PA practice in California doesn’t wither away in the face of competition from other advanced providers. We need to do something now. Something substantial! Get charged up for what may be the most critically important professional fight for California PAs. Together (and only together) we can make real change for California PAs!

PAs professionals have a responsibility to direct the progress of their profession. Despite enjoying a highly desirable profession today, the healthcare system is not standing still. Other professions are constantly positioning themselves to be more and more attractive to employers, and in turn threaten future PA positions.

Take Responsibility…

  • For the care you provide to your patients
  • For ensuring your professional future
  • For the advancement of the PA Profession here in California

OTP is about securing the future of the PA profession and you need to be a part of it! You have worked too hard and sacrificed too much to watch other professions advance and leave PAs behind. OTP is the future of the PA profession and OTP is only possible through the support of CAPA members.

Take Action…

  • Join CAPA today! Stay a member!
  • Learn all you can about OTP and why it is important to you
  • Pay attention to emails we send with calls to action as we move OTP along
  • Be available to communicate OTP talking points to physicians, other healthcare professionals, staff and administrators.

Can we agree, it is not up to your employer to pay your
CAPA membership dues? It is your responsibility.

(Kudos if you have negotiated that!)

Be a member, stay a member and join your colleagues in one of the most important actions our profession has undertaken.

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CAPA’s dues year runs from May 1 to April 30. Membership dues may be prorated dependent on the time of year you join.