CAPA has introduced a bold initiative. SB 697 – Optimal Team Practice (Caballero) will modernize California’s PA Practice Act. The PA profession has a proven record of enhancing quality care and PA law must appropriately reflect real PA practice. PAs tell us daily that they are frustrated with the restrictive barriers and employment limitations generated by an outdated PA Practice Act. CAPA is working to ensure that PA practice in California doesn’t wither away in the face of competition from other advanced providers. We need to do something now. Something substantial! Get charged up for what may be the most critically important professional fight for California PAs. Together (and only together) we can make real change for California PAs!

You are key to the success of bringing this important initiative to California.

OTP Tuesdays – Over the coming weeks we will share several videos; all no more than a minute or two in length. OTP is more than a piece of legislation; it is a culture shift that will optimally combine your hard-earned education and experience to meet the needs of your patients and practices. We can’t make it happen alone and hope you will continue to engage with us during the process. Each Tuesday, learn more about what OTP will mean to California PAs.